SILVIA ARENAS. Artist. Photographer.

We met in Barcelona, at the Van Van Bar, to have a coffee in a barrel, literally. It was a very sunny day and we decided to take advantage of it and shoot in the sun. Know more about Silvia, a creative photographer from our beloved city.


What would you tell us about yourself in a sentence.
It fascinates me, how everything can change from a day to another, and how it influences your attitude in life.
What do you have for breakfast?
Since I am vegan, the ideal during the week are avocado toasts and a coffee with veggie milk, and during weekends if I feel like cooking I prepare chía pudding with fruit, cereals and chocolate…whatever I got in the kitchen.



As in the Japanese culture it is said, what is your ‘ikigai’, that thing that is keeping you alive inside.
To feel that every day I am closer to know what I really want to do, and do it.
Who or what inspired you lately?

My friends, my couple, the people around me. Even though the latest Stanley Kubrick I have seen has had certain impact.


What do you dream of?

I literally don’t know, I never remember it.





How is a day being Silvia?

 A madness dressed up of routine. And taking pictures, always taking pictures.


What does a jewel mean to you?

I don’t often really wear a lot of jewelry…but I give a lot a value to the ones I have. A jewel is, a person, a moment, a place..a memory that you keep reviving every time you wear it.


Would you recommend something we can not miss?

Green Book, from Peter Farrelly.


Silvia is wearing the Dreamland pendant, Mrauku ring, Infinite ring & Aura hoops S.


Thank you for joining reading and somehow joining our Breakfasts.

Know more about Silvia Here.



Naida C. Castel