ANDREA BENÍTEZ. I can’t really dance flamenco. Professional Skater.

What would you tell us about yourself in a sentence.
From not quite anywhere, from everywhere a little bit.

What do you have for breakfast? 
As a good Andalucian, I always had a toast with olive oil, but now I changed my routine to start the day with more energy and positivism. Coffee with oat milk + muesli boat and cut fruit.

What makes you wake up every morning?
We all make mistakes and have had periods where we don’t see the meaning of what we are doing every day, but the truth is that I am in a moment in my life where I wake up happy knowing that I will be able to do what I like and that is very satisfying.

As in the Japanese culture it is said, what is your ‘ikigai’, that thing that is keeping you alive inside.
To look back and see how I have evolved as a person.

Who or what inspired you lately?
My last trip to LA, has really inspired me a lot.

What do you dream about?
In becoming the kind of person that makes you feel like traveling when you meet her.

How is a day being Andrea?
I wake up after 9 sleeping hours ( I sleep a lot). I make coffee, have breakfast, play the guitar for a bit and I go to skate or train, depending on the day. Then i go back home and if I am very tired I read or watch a movie. Although I usually have some energy left to meet my friends.

Those are the days home, but the 80% of the year I am traveling hahaha.

What does a jewel mean to you?
It means a memory or a reminder of a period or important person to me.

Would you recommend something we can not miss?
The other day I watched the new Jim Greco’s video called  “Jobs? Never!!”. It is a skate film shot in Los Angeles with skaters skating in suits and psychedelic music..It transports you directly to the 80’s in a few minutes. 🙂



‘What does a jewel mean to you?
It means a memory or a reminder of a period or important person to me.’

Andre Benítez

Photos taken at  Cosmo Gallery, Barcelona. By Naida C. Castel. Andrea wears the Kyoto, some Infinite rings and the Monica pendant from the Ukiyo capsule collection.

Find Andrea at @andreabntzz

See you in the next Breakfast,