Cristina Tomás. Aka City. Filmmaker.Likes the sun. Filmmaker, director and creative, she sees life in a movie. Seeks for the sun the beach and the sand, wherever she goes. Living in Barcelona and working from La Closca working space, I went to see her having breakfast and that is all what she had that day and she was warned. Know more about City: What would you tell us about yourself in a sentence. Me in a nutshell: I’m the kind of person who would rather get my hopes up really high and watch them get dashed to pieces than wisely keep my expectations at bay and hope they are exceeded” Mindy Kalinga “Is everyone hanging out without me?” What do you have for breakfast? I usually have toasts with olive oil and a cup of coffee ( If I reminded myself to go to the groceries, I put avocado, but it doesn’t happen very often). My fridge corner was empty when Naida arrived for the breakfast, so we just took the fruits my studio mate had. It is said that from now on Naida only has banana and grapes for breakfast. As in the Japanese culture it is said, what is your ‘ikigai’, that thing that is keeping you alive inside. Is Ikigai edible? There are many things that keep me alive inside, but I am a persona very easy to impress being honest. And it is curious that, even my profesional goals are very important, what makes me realize about what does life really means, are the moments that seem meaningless, or that is what society has taught us. We have to live more and sacrifice less for the ‘what if ‘ from the future.

Who or what inspired you lately? In general there are many things inspiring me during the day. The world is full of amazing people. But to be more concrete, not a long ago I saw a documentary on Netflix called Feminist what where they thinking? and it actually made me thing about a lot of things. It inspired me on adapting little changes like talking in certain situations when I think something is not ok or offensive and not being afraid of being labeled. It is about a photography book that came out in 1977. Fotos of women that abandoned cultural restrictions of their childhood and embraced all their humanity. It goes through those pictures, those women and those times, and points out our culture today, revealing will all clarity the urgent need of a change. I get very inspired watching women fight for their rights on a time where everything was against them. What do you dream of? Poetically I dream about what I want to reach, how I do want to live, the typical, my dream is to live in a house in front of the sea..but those for me are plans not dreams. The more fun ones are the ones when you are asleep, I almost always remember my dreams and some times are fascinating. My subconscious knows how to have real fun. How is a day being Cris? I am not a person that plans too much, so my days are changing all the time. I like not knowing what I am going to do the next day to the extent possible. So a day being me can end up being very different from what I expect when I open my eyes in the morning. (what is sure, is that there is going to be music).

“You created a jewel that describes my life vision to perfection. I never took it off since the day I got it. So a jewel can be an extension of yourself if it is made for you.”

Cristina Tomás about Phases Pendant, on the following picture.

What does a jewel mean to you?
 It has been since not too long ago that I started to value jewels and what they can bring to you. And I don’t want to be a brown noser, but on my 30th birthday my family gave mw a pendant made by NAIDA C.CASTEL exclusively for me. You (Naida) had two concepts to inspire with that are very important to me. The sea and the moon. You created a jewel that describes my life vision to perfection. I never took it off since the day I got it. So a jewel can be an extension of yourself if it is made for you.
Would you recommend something we can not miss?
Grace and Frankie (netflix) this two women give me life with their stories and conversations. (ps. I would like to say Netflix is paying me for the mention but it is not happening).
*She is wearing the fine 18kt gold Phases pendant and Ukiyo loops. Also the Dreamland earcuff in gold and the Infinite rings.

Cristina Tomás work http://www.cityfilmastudio.com Pictures taken at La Closca where she works as a freelance @closcahouse by Naida C. Castel