If what you are looking for, is a very special piece, you are in the right place.

Today I would like to talk about fine jewelry, about these special, simmered, handcrafted pieces. Always under Naida C. Castel essence, I am passionate about being able to design and make piece for people that sometimes I don’t know personally, and get to surprise them and make them feel the meaning of the piece. Find the way to make the jewel talk by itself, working from the honesty of the materials, giving them life and exploring forms and textures. The is a very intense process and a lot of dedication on the creation of a jewel collection, but when it comes to designing a single extraordinary piece, everything intensifies. Each custom made piece takes time, and a beautiful path until the final jewel is done. But all this time involved in a jewels, is the magic that the gifted person will perceive. I love to make custom made pieces for people that I haven’t met, because here is the part where I have to discover who is going to wear the piece and find through the perfect shape, all what this piece has to express. Molding ideas and feeling until they fit perfectly with that person. If you are the kind of person that looks for added value, pieces made with care, more personal and give importance to quality, you are in the right place. We demand the best to ourselves to create unique jewels. I can listen to your desires without predicament, and make them real to the extent possible.

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El proceso para encargos especiales suele empezar con una reunión donde expresas tus deseos y posteriormente habiendo acordado materiales y ideas, empieza la parte de diseño donde se abren varias vías para que la persona que encarga siempre se sienta cómoda con el camino que está tomando el diseño de la joya. Así que recibe varias propuestas para elegir el camino y seguir con el proceso. Hasta la decisión final donde posteriormente se realiza la pieza. Trabajamos con diferentes materiales, para una pieza de joyería fina hecha a mano utilizamos materiales de calidad como el oro 18 quilates y oro blanco, entre otras aleaciones. Y también con piedras preciosas como diamantes de diferentes quilates, ópalos, piritas, diamantes de crudo, perlas, y muchas más.

It is very gratifying to be able to deliver bespoke pieces, made with true care and at low heat. You can really tell there is a lot behind, suddenly that piece wins a lot of value for all those stories surrounding  her.

I would love to help you, if you have any doubt or want to know more.

Mail: hello@nccjewels.com

Telf: +34690847446

Naida C. Castel