¿Looking for a jewel that talks about you or a special person?


There is a very magical part when you give away a bespoke jewel, that is what I feel, and I believe a lot of people do so as well. The reality and honesty in a special piece, that you don’t want ever to take off. I love to create little worlds connecting directly with each person in a special way, and for that, it is very important to work on a low heat, knowing will this jewel represent, how and for who. If you are here, it probably is because, as well as I do, you want to give a meaning to all what we wear daily and it is usually depersonalized. That yourself or the person who will receive it may wear a jewel with a big immaterial value, apart from the inherent material value. Even if you want to customize an already existing Naida C. Castel piece or start from scratch, you are in the right place. We will put all our love to everything that talks about as on a daily basis, we are unique and the jewels that mean something special to us, should also be unique.


  1. After a meeting at the studio or via email/call, you can explain the meaning you want to give the jewel, your desires, ideas and everything involved with this piece. To make it undoubtedly yours or about that person.
  2. I, Naida C. Castel will personally design your piece, with some open options to know which way you want to go and make sure you are happy about the shape it is taking.
  3. Once we have reviewed the drawings, materials, we select to find the final piece. Then we proceed to make it.




We work with sterling silver, yellow 18kt gold, white gold and others such as pink gold for this kind of pieces, counting on a big range of precious stones and crystals, from which we can find the one that suits you the best. Ask for any kind. 

I have designed for people wanting a personal piece, others to get a special piece to gift and for weddings. I am very passionate about it and feels special to make something that will mean so much.

*All high quality pieces will include a Quality Certificate and a premium packaging.

Happy costumers after receiving one of our exclusively made pieces for them:


‘Creaste una pieza que describe mi visión de vida, de manera maravillosa. No me he quitado el colgante desde entonces. Así que una joya puede ser una extensión de tu persona, si esta hecha para ti.’

Cristina Tomás sobre el colgante Phases que hice para ella en oro 18k.


‘Este pieza es una pasada, no me hubiese podido imaginar mejor un anillo para mi’

Marta, sobre el anillo que quería que simbolizara un cambio en su vida.


‘No nos los quitamos nunca, es perfecto y todo el mundo nos pregunta’

Judit, sobre el anillo que le regaló Beto para su boda.


Recibí una foto de Ka llevando el anillo que le había hecho por encargo de Mario, y debajo ponía, nos flipa, ‘- dijo que sí!’

Mario sobre el anillo de pedida a Ka





‘Ja tinc l’anell!!! m’ha encanta’t moltissim! Quan l’he vist m’he quedat…sorpresa del bònic que és…de veritat!  Bé, moltes gràcies per tot i fins la pròxima! Ja estic pensant en la propera adquisició..’

Eva sobre su anillo hecho especial para ella con pirita y cuarzo en plata de ley.


‘Cuando la vi pensé, no hay una joya que pueda gustarme mas. Ni yo misma podía haberme imaginado una joya para mí misma tan auténtica.’

Virginia, sobre el anillo fino en oro blanco, oro amarillo y diamantes en bruto.


** Review on the picture: Infinite rings made for a wedding in 18 k gold, sent to Germany.

Do you need some inspiration?

These are previous rings I have done for customers and if you want to see more, check out the post on the blog “HERE” .


Ring composed of 5 irregular rings in white gold and yellow gold both 18-carat and 4 rough diamonds set in one of the rings.