Naida C. Castel for Cossac.


They say two are stronger than one so, we are happy to launch our latest collaboration with the London based sustainable brand Cossac.

Naida has designed three pieces that are part of a small production, using recycled silver, handmade at her studio in Barcelona for the lastest Cossac collection AW19.

After drawing and defining the shapes for this three piece collection, the pieces are a mixture of rawness, organic shapes and Naida C. Castel touch, fitting perfectly on top of the sensitive designs and curated fabrics of Agata’s designs at Cossac.

Organical shapes that will adapt to your body joining your daily life. Naida likes to leave the evidence of the artisan that has made the piece and each one is unique with its own scars. You can find an earcuff, wearable without piercing your ear, a bracelet to wear on skin or on top of your favourite piece of the collection, and a necklace with multiple ways of wearing.

Recycled silver necklace. It is a two piece necklace with multiple ways of wearing.


Photography: Carla Step
Stylist: Aina Carafí
Fashion brand: Cossac
Jewels: Naida C. Castel

Naida C. Castel creation process at the studio in Barcelona, drawing the first shapes
and looking at Cossac’s designs and textures for the new collection.