STUDIO STORIES: Meaningful gifts

A gift is something that talks about you and about the person that receives it. How many soulless items do we buy, gift and wear. I take care of the jewels I make at the studio and you will receive a jewel charged with the good energy of people that love making jewelry.
It is time to care about what we buy, for the planet, to fight against mass production and to know more about all these items we wear everyday. Pieces touching our skin, our bodies, that we see every day, its something we should care about. Knowing all that comes within your clothes and jewelry, makes you aware of what you are wearing, to care about it and make it last. I like to make pieces that will walk with you for a very long time and perhaps will pass to the next generation.  


We care about earth and we defend a new way of choosing the stuff we wear and buy.

By making:

Longlasting jewels.

Fair made for the rough.

Impacting on others hearts, not on earth.