Elisa Ring


The Elisa ring is a very special signet ring. If you also have a strong attraction for small objects that gather stories,  you know when you look at them, that they will keep the memories from the time you got it and what you lived wearing it. This is what Elisa ring is, having this perfect part changing to an organic texture, as if melted. Represents the uniqueness of each person with their perfection, with their craziness all together flowing creating a single piece which is life.

The signet ring used to be an important cultural item of jewellery and has played a surprisingly significant role in history. Originally signet rings were emblazoned with a family crest and they would frequently be used to stamp, or sign a document. The metal shapes would leave a permanent mark in any soft wax or even clay and this would be placed onto a variety of legal documents. Some of the most important documents in history have been stamped with a signet ring. In its day the stamp of a ring was seen as more authentic than a signature.

If you are one of those who like to flow, who like art and improvising but also have a responsible and quite part in yourself. This is your signet ring.


Silver or Gold plated 18kt.

Shiny hand polished with care.

Each piece can be slightly different due to the handmade process.

If you have an extra small or big  size, make a note when you order and I will adapt it for you. Notice it will take longer.

Size chart


(ES) Mantener alejado de agua y cosméticos en tu piel para que dure mas tiempo en las mejores condiciones.

Especialmente si estas piezas están chapadas en oro.

Repara si es necesario después de mucho tiempo.

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