Shipping & Returns

Shipping and returns
Rights of the buyer
Shipping and returns
Shipping, delivery and transport

Shipping costs: are the stated in the invoice. In case of return of goods (the law of commerce retail Art.44), shipping costs must be afforded by the customer.
Delivery time: Naida C. Castel sends orders to their customers through different urgent companies of prestige, both national and international. The date of delivery at the customer’s location depends on the shipping zone. Approximate transportation times are available in the section of our website
“Faqs: How long will it take to get my pieces from Naida C. Castel from purchase?”
The orders will be processed and shipped in 2 or 3 labor days after your purchase, if you need urgent parts, please contact us and we will do everything possible to get your order on time.

Please keep in mind that are pieces made by hand and with a small production, so we can stay out of stock easily. If there is a delay, we will get in touch as soon as possible.

The deadlines for transportation can be altered by extraordinary impact on the carrier and difficulties in the delivery of the goods.
Transport: The shipping of goods are carried out twice a week from Monday to Friday and always having realized the address with the customer. Notice that if the purchase is made on Friday, we will proceed it the following week. The transport of the products shall be entered in the order. If there is any damage due to transportation, the client shall make it clear on the delivery note.
No claims of damage caused by the transport, will be accepted past 24 hours from the receipt and delivery of the goods.
On the delivery of the goods, the customer will receive the corresponding delivery note.

Rights of the buyer

Naida C. Castel guarantees its customers the option to cancel your order at any time and at no cost added it the cancellation is communicated before the order has been delivered to the carrier for your shipment.
In accordance with the provisions of the Art. 44 of the Law on the retail trade, the buyer can make the return within 14 days of receipt of the goods under the same conditions as it was delivered. The seller, for its part, it shall pay back the amount of the order to the buyer within a maximum period of 15 days from the receipt of the returned merchandise according to the delivery note.
Purchase revocation or orders refunds of goods will not be accepted outside the time limits specified.
Will not be accepted for broken or in poor condition, so long as it is not the fault of the company.
The return will not lead to any penalty to the buyer but you should take charge of the direct cost of returning the product.
If a product other than the one requested by the client was delivered by mistake by Naida C. Castel, it will be removed and you will be provided with the right product at no additional charge to the buyer.
For any incident related to the return of items in our store you can contact our customer service department via email:
hello@nccjewels.com or by telephone (+34) 690 847 446

Contact them directly.


Are all Naida C. Castel pieces made by hand?
Yes, all the pieces are handmade, using craft jewelry techniques, all our pieces start and finish in our workshop.

What is the material of the pieces?
All our pieces are made with sterling silver, 14kt o r 18kt gold and white gold. Some of them are plated and treated afterwards, you can find all the process information in our “Materials” section.

How can I find my size?
Our sizes are specified in the “sizes” section. You can measure the inner diameter of a ring and compare to our size chart. In case you can not find your size, or if an specific size is needed, contact us and we will help you. Contact here hello@nccjewels.com


How am I going to receive my jewel?

Each of our pieces is going to be packed in our specific packaging for each kind of jewels. It will be packed in afterwards in a bigger envelope to protect it from the shipping.


Can I change my Naida C. Castel jewels piece if it is not my size?

Yes, we change your piece for the one with the right size.
In this case, you should get in touch with us in 14 days after you receive the piece and we will handle it. Send an email to hello@nccjewels.com, indicating which one is the piece you would like to change and the new size you would like to have. To know your size visit our size chart in the “sizes” section of our website.
In the following days we will get in touch with you to verify and send our carrier to pick up your jewels and deliver the new one. This will be only if you are in Spain, otherwise if you are in another country we will ship the new size for free but we can’t send a carrier to pick up the wrong one, so please send us the piece in order to proceed, and send the new one.
Only the products in the original state will be accepted for returns.
This won’t be applicable on pieces from the Outlet category. Returns or refunds won’t be possible on pieces from the Outlet.

Can I return my piece from Naida C. Castel ?
Yes, if the return is due to a piece flaw or a mistake from us, we will, of course accept the return of the order without costs.
In other cases, we will accept the return but we won’t assume the costs of the shipping.
The goods must be in the same state they were sent.
This won’t be applicable on products from the Outlet category. On products from Outlet we won’t accept returns.


Once you have made your order, you will receive an email informing of all the details of your purchase, please contact us if this doesn’t happen: hello@nccjewels.com

How long does it take to receive my order since the purchase?
In the Península, except special occasions (Christmas, holidays..etc.) all the pieces should arrive within 2 and 5 working days since we ship the order.
For the rest of the world, depending on the destination it can take between 2 and 15 working days.

Where do you send around the world? How much costs the shipping?
We make shippings through safe shipping companies like MRW, we do ship practically worldwide.
Spain: 7€
Portugal: 9€
International: 15€


Which form of payment do you accept? Do I need to have a PayPal account?
The payments can be processed with credit card and PayPal. We accept all kinds of cards with no need to create a PayPal account.

Is this shop safe?
Our store uses the Paypal secure system, which encrypts all confidential data of the purchase process from your computer, using the SSL protocol whose encryption is one of the most sophisticated protection (an encrypted string of 128b).